7 Myths about Bar Regulars

7 Myths about Bar Regulars

There are a lot of myths and stigmas going around about bar regulars. It’s time to find out if there is any truth behind them.

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Have you ever noticed that if you frequent the bar too often, you are considered strange? Why are you here all the time? Why don’t you drink at home?

Well some people don’t like to drink at home or alone. Some people enjoy the social aspect of being in a bar setting.

Bar regulars enjoy going to the bar to share secrets and get the honest truth. Your favorite show growing up was Cheers, and you seek to go to the place where everyone knows your name.

We covered myths about bartenders before and now we discuss the folks in front of the bar.

Here are the some of biggest myths about bar regulars.


1. Bar regulars are all drunks

Myth: All of the bartenders and managers know who you are. Your favorite drink and seat are waiting for you when you get there, and everyone knows more about your personal life than you do. They realize when you’ve had enough and got your home address saved when it’s time to call you an Uber. So maybe bar regulars are all drunks.

Reality: Nah… Not all people go to the bar on a regular basis to get drunk. Some love to confess their sins to their favorite bartender or bitch about their day at work to anyone who will listen. Others love hanging around other bar patrons and talk about everything from politics, sports, relationships and so much more. The bar is actually a really cool place to make new friends.

2. Bar regulars have no social life

Myth: You’re at the bar all the time because you have no real friends. Your home life sucks and you come to the bar  everyday to drink your pain away. Bad people frequent the bar and if you go all the time, you must be one of them. Of course bar regulars have no social life. Right?

Reality: Well… Human beings are social animals and having a good social life is important for our mental health. But instead of socializing, we work, go home, watch tv, post on social media, repeat. Without positive, strong, and real-life relationships, both our minds and our bodies will fall apart. Yes the bar has weirdos and alcoholics, but so does your job. At least at the bar the truths are not hidden.

3. Bar regulars have no job

Myth: How can you be at the bar all the time if you have a job? You can be seen during the day shift at 11am as well during the late night at 1am. And you are there all the time. How do you do it? You drink all day, at different times a day so when do you work? So yes most of the bar regulars are unemployed.

Reality: Nope not true… The world is more mobile now and that gives peoples the ability to work from anywhere. And if you have two options to work from anywhere, one would be an island and the other would be at the bar. So bar regulars do have jobs that allow the flexibility to work from the bar. You should try it.

4. Bar regulars are drug dealers

Myth: If you’re at the bar all the time, day and night. That means one thing, you must be a drug dealer. And the bar is your place of work.

Reality: It’s 2017, the security is too tight at the bar to allow drug deals to happen. Okay that was an exaggeration. Seriously, just because a person is at the bar all day and night buying everyone drinks doesn’t mean a thing. They drink a lot because they are overwhelmed with how to spend that family inheritance. See it’s all about perspective. Drug dealers are too busy to hang out at the bar all the time.

5. Bar regulars are emotionally screwed up

Myth: Who did you break up with this week? Is your wife cheating on you again? What did you get fired for this time? You are at the bar on a regular basis because your life is in constant turmoil and you need the bar to help process it all.

Reality: All people are emotionally screwed up. At least at the bar you can accept that truth and deal with the issues. And what better way to figure things out than with others who are in shittier situations.

6. Bar regulars are looking for the hookup

Myth: You are just there to pick up chicks or dudes. What does your husband think about you being at the bar all the time?

Reality: Yeah so what. Everyone at the bar knows you so if you are a scumbag, everyone would know it and warn the hookup. So try again.

7. Bar regulars are creepy

Myth: All you do is sit at the bar alone and stare at the bartenders all night. You hope one day you get lucky and you will take one home.

Reality: There are a few signs to determine if you are a creep or not:

  1. The staring

  2. You ask awkward questions

  3. You won’t give up

  4. The stalking

  5. You don’t understand personal space

  6. The rambling

  7. You’re too eager

Whether you like it or not, the world is filled with creeps. So if you consistently do at least 4 of the 7, you are a creep.


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