How to Find the Best Bartenders

Bartenders working in cafe

Finding the best bartenders at your favorite hot spots is a must to make the most of your evening. But sometimes it can be difficult to spot which bartender is actually the best. Sure, the brunette that works on Saturday is attractive, but that doesn’t mean she is going to take good care of you and your friends.

Here are a few things to look for when it comes to which bartender is best.

The best bartenders are calm and composed

This is a strong sign that they know their drinks and overall know what they are doing. This means that when you are getting too woozy to know what you need, your bartender most likely will. It also means that they are less likely to mess up any drinks you need from them as compared to their more frazzled co-workers.

The best bartenders are busier than most of the other bartenders

Yes, this may make it more difficult to get your drinks. However, there is a reason that more people go to that bartender than others. This isn’t always a sure-fire bet, because it could also mean they are just one of the most attractive bartenders in the bar.

If you can tell that this is obviously not the case by comparing them to the others. Then the attention they are getting is not because of their good looks, but because of their quality of service. Yes, it may be harder to get their attention to get drinks from them when the place is at its busiest, but that’s where you get what you pay for.

See Cash is King in Bartending to know how to be prioritized by that bartender.

Ask the bouncers or regulars

If you are new to this particular bar, the obvious choice here is a bouncer.  You don’t know who the regulars are yet so rely on the big guys (or girls). The bouncers are usually a good choice to get feedback from, as they are one of the few people in the bar who are sober enough the entire night to pay attention.

However, if you see a certain person or group of people that come in regularly, they can be a good choice as well. Chances are they have tried out a few of the bartenders already and know their preferred choice.

The best bartenders actually talk and listen to you

They greet you as soon as you as you sit down. They acknowledge your presence and that helps you to feel important. The best bartenders ask you your name and when you want another drink, they address you by the name given. They say little things like, how if your day going, and that makes you feel like they really do care. A good bartender is there that goes a long way in making your time at the bar special.

Look for online reviews  

With the popularity of social media chances are that hot-spot you are going to has some feedback online.  By searching around online for feedback about that bar, chances are.

Follow these simple tips and you will be able to tell who is the best bartender in the house!

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