How To Order Drinks Like A College Student

So you just turned 21. Well you don’t want to go into a college bar and order a drink that will make you look foolish.

order drinks college student

These are the years to have fun and learn all about drinking 101 before you enter the ‘real’ adult world. How and what you order will let others know a lot about you so choose wisely.

Get a Beer

College students are big beer drinkers. For one, beer is typically cheaper than most cocktails. Craft beers and IPAs are great choices to order for any college student. However, keep away from ordering what people think of as old beers like Old Style and Labatt Blue. Anything your father drinks is considered an old man beer and could quite possibly get you laughed at by your peers. Typically men are the bigger beer drinkers, but a girl who orders a beer may turn out to be the coolest girl on campus.

Don’t Get Too Technical

If you walk into a bar and say something ridiculous like, “I want a dirty, dry martini with little ice, shaken not stirred and 3 olives for a garnish.” You are going to look like a fool. This is not some fancy Speakeasy, this is your typical college bar where simplicity matters. Don’t go overboard with ordering. Relax, ask for a cold brew, or whatever is on happy hour. Oh and lose the lingo! Don’t make things too complicated and save the smart rhetoric for your college classes.

Order Shots for All

College kids love to drink and have a good time. Ordering a round of shots is a good gesture when making new friends and an acceptable way to say thank you. Don’t order a round all the time because you will either end up broke or passed out. Pick your spots wisely and be selective with it. Also, taking shots are tricky. It’s best as a college student to stay with Fireball or Tequila shots. Both make you sound like a college student who knows what they like. On occasion a new fun shot may be introduced, but keep it simple. This is college after all and just like a frat party nobody wants to have to think too hard about their drink choices.

Stay Away from Girly Drinks

It’s 2018 and we are trying to get rid of gender biases. But in the eyes of most college students, girls still order mixed drinks and guys order beer and the hard stuff. So if you are a guy and you want to impress your friends, stay away from the girly drinks especially anything served in a Martini glass.

So there you have it. To order a drink like a college student, keep it simple, make sure it’s cold and don’t be afraid to order a few round of shots for old and new friends. Keep the complicated drink orders for you fancy gatherings. Drinking at a college bar is hardcore, so pace yourself and drink responsibly. Have fun!!

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